Aloha Shirt Contest!

Aloha Shirt Tutorial

Event Details:

San Mateo JACL is hosting an online origami festival! Send us a picture of your origami aloha shirt! Submissions will be posted on the JACL website, which will be updated weekly.

Win a $25 Amazon gift card! 


Winners will be selected from each age category.


Na Keiki (Kids): 12 and under
ʻōpio (Teens): 13-18
Makua (Adults): 19-65
Kupuna (Seniors): 65+

Submission Details:

To submit your entry, email your photo submission along with your name and the category you’re competing in. 


Aaron K, Teens


Clarissa, Makua

Mary Jo, Kupuna

Brennan, 'ōpio

Ethan, 'ōpio

Connor and Samantha, Na Keiki and ʻōpio 

Frank, Makua

Diana, Kupuna

Brandon, 'ōpio

Nathan, 'ōpio

Caroline, Makua

Lauren, Makua

Stuart, Makua

Mia, Na Keiki

Ami, Na Keiki

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