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The San Mateo JACL is offering to provide copies of the 4th edition of the curriculum and resource guide entitled "A Lesson in American History: The Japanese American Experience". The guide provides teachers with historically correct background information, resources, reproducible visuals and source documents, and lesson plans for all grade levels.


Our goal in providing this resource for San Mateo County schools is to offer accurate information for teaching the significance of the "Day of Remembrance" and the history of Japanese Americans. The curriculum guide provides all teachers with materials to teach Japanese American history during World War II as outlined in the California History/Social Studies standards. It is our hope that the material on the Japanese American experience will impact classroom discussions of current events, such as the INS special registration policies. The San Mateo JACL and other civil rights organizations are working to prevent the repetition of past injustices.


If you would like additional copies of the curriculum guide, more information about the San Mateo JACL, or a speaker for your class, please leave a message at (650) 593-7358. 

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